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Our clients have relied on the highest quality of Akces fittings (pipes, flexible joints, elbows, connector pipes and reductions) and have used them for the last 20 years. They trusted the high-quality materials used for production and the manufacturing precision. Our fittings comprise a range of products that have revolutionised the market of indoor sewerage systems. That’s the flexible COFLEX joint. The product we pride ourselves on. The major advantage of COFLEX joints is their extraordinary flexibility. Unlike most of our competitions products, which only contain the word flexible in their names. Other advantages include the leak tightness of our system and protection against clogging, thanks to cavitation: as well as the simplicity and speed of assembly of a complete system thanks to multiple reduction.

Extraordinary flexibility

The proper chattering, the thickness of walls and the method of creating joints makes them very flexible, yet extremely durable against breakage. COFLEX is the best choice when considering all the joints available on the market; some of which make bending too-thick walls virtually impossible and others prone to breaking after a couple of bends because they have thin walls, with the characteristics of paper. The truly flexible COFLEX joints eliminate such stresses caused by working walls and floors.

Ability to shorten or extend the joint length up to 20%

Apart from their extraordinary flexibility the COFLEX joints demonstrate other unique feature; adjustable length. See for yourself – the unique polymer molecule structure enables the COFLEX joints to be expanded or shortened up to 20% by hand. What other joints can offer that?

The ease of assembly

The COFLEX joints are a great alternative to standard pipes and elbows. The multiple-reduction joints are especially interesting. An assembly technician using the universal method (3 reductions in one joint) doesn't have to use different sizes of elbows and pipes. If they know the value of time for themselves and the client, they will surely choose COFLEX joints.

Leak tightness

The production method places COFLEX joints among the few available products with thinner, flexible chattered walls with thicker walls at the empty ends and bell at the same time. Too soft ends do not guarantee a tight joint because they might be loose. Thanks to these features and the monolithic structure of the COFLEX joints the connection is tight. The thing that guarantees the tightness and flexibility of the COFLEX joints is maintaining a regular cross section along the whole element during the forming process.

Protection against clogging

Using the cavitation process in the COFLEX joints make them good for toilet joints that are at least as patent as smooth tube joints. They have one major advantage though: they are monolithic like all of the COFLEX range products and cheaper than PCV joints which are often damaged by rodents.




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