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Akces drains are high-quality products thanks to use of the best materials in the production of bodies, screens and covers. All Akces products meet industry drainage and air-trap standards. We are one of the few companies that put information about the standard parameters met by products on their labels. Thanks to this, clients can be absolutely sure of the highest quality of Akces drains. The highest quality and precision are guaranteed by the absolutely best forms used for production. The most important features of Akces drains are: ultra-quick assembly and ease of use that make substantial time savings possible at every level when using Akces drains.

Highest quality materials

In 99% of the production of bodies, drains and covers we use pure polypropylene and not regranulate. We don’t use additional additives, enabling a lowering of the cost of production (e.g. chalk), more than necessary, which means better aesthetic and physical features. The walls of our drains are extremely smooth, almost shiny. As a result the cleaning of the Akces drain is easy and quick. Most manufacturers offer drains with ordinary stainless steel caps. Akces drains are equipped with caps made of significantly better surgical, acid-resistant steel that also guarantees a better appearance for longer. Additionally, the chromium-plated drain caps are made using the longer and more expensive process of electroplating, which means they have a significantly thicker layer of copper than in competitive products. With the help of this process, the ABS Chrom inserts from Akces look better longer and maintain their shine even after using standard cleaning agents.

Leak tightness and design

Using high quality injection moulds in production makes the Akces drains unique in terms of precision (no burrs, no chips or sharp edges). It also guarantees uncompromised leak tightness and safety at any moment of assembly or use. To make sure the Akces drain you purchase is clean, we pack them in air tight bags with convenient hangers.

Conforming with all Polish standards

All Akces drains meet Polish industry air-trap and drainage speed standards, unlike some of the products of the competition. The information is also acknowledged in clear manuals containing details of all dimensions and standards met. In the case of products by other manufacturers it’s not always clear whether they meet the required industry standards. It’s worth pointing out that the speed of drainage for water, in the case of drains based on the SPEED body meets the requirements by 240%. That means that the water drained from a shower base with a SPEED drain connected to a passable system will flow up to 2.4 times faster than in the case of a standard drain, additionally making self-cleaning of the drain pipe possible.

Easy assembly

All the Akces drains are characterised by a really simple design and minimum number of parts. This enables easy assembly. The assembly of bath/shower base drains is based on the SPEED body. The unique "put shower base on drain" method means a 3 minute assembly time. An additional advantage of some of our drains is the provided, truly flexible, COFLEX outlet making the connection of drain to sewage system faster. Akces is probably the only domestic manufacturer offering drains that use screws instead of plain bolts. The conic design of the screw means it can be unscrewed easily and quickly, as lime scale just falls off. With drains with plain screws lime is fixed to the nut which usually requires cutting the body to disassembly the drain.

Ease of use

The operation of any drain is very easy and hasn’t changed much in years. Waste water from a shower base is passed through the drain to a sewerage riser, and then to the municipal sewerage system. But for a drain to operate correctly some water is retained in the drain body as a water column. The column acts as a barrier against sewage gases (from the municipal sewerage system or an eflux tank) that might enter the bathroom. Sometimes, when the water/sewerage system is not used for longer periods of time (e.g. in hotels) and with drains not meeting the necessary requirements, water evaporates faster. In such cases the odour from the main sewerage system collector enters the bathroom through the washbasin drain. Purchasing Akces drains protects you against odours from the system because our drains meet air-trap standards.




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