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About us
We specialize

in fast deliveries of the highest quality comprehensive internal sanitary sewage systems.

We offer: shower tray, bath tub, sink and washbasin outflows. Moreover all essential joints: multireducing flexible joints, WC flexible joints Ø110 mm, reductions, pipes and shortcuts.

One can buy our products at more than 1.000 point of sales in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech, Slovakia and Russia.

Company mission

During every stage of our work we strive towards acting faster in order to anticipate the clients’ needs. The mission of our     company is encapsulated in the answer to all of the following questions:

How much time do you need to install our drain?
How long will it take for us to confirm the job completion date?
How long will it take for our new offer to reach you?
How long will it take for a shipment of our products to get to you?
How much faster will you be able to perform services for your clients using Akces products?
How much faster will you be able to build a system using multiple-reduction connections?
How much time will it take for our employee to contact you in case of problems?
What’s the speed of water flow from our sophisticated drains?
How fast does water flow in systems created with our products?

"What do you think"?

Faster than you expect - less than you think, much more than you expect, faster than with other companies.

We make our mission real in anything we do in connection with the quality of service and the quality of our products. The high quality, in any area of our operation, has an impact on one thing - your time. In doing our job we keep in mind the importance of respecting the time of our clients. The time, which is always too short.


It all began in 1980 when Mr Stanisław Kubit bought and modernised a farm building in the village of Kosowo in the Nakielski District and established the company that manufactured articles in the scope of plastics. His son, Karol Kubit, became involved in the organisation and start-up of the company from the very beginning.

The company was initially engaged in the production of toys, small household accessories, school accessories, etc. The next stage included manufacturing the first sanitary fittings and underwall drywall boxes for wiring systems. Obtaining raw materials for manufacturing was the most difficult task at that time. Its main source was the food industry (polystyrene and polypropylene manufacturing waste). Already at that point the products were sold on the whole territory of Poland. Novelties and commercial hits (hula-hoops, cigarette hand rollers, and the “Dancing Daisy” sprinklers) were also being successfully sold at the “Dominikański” fair in Gdańsk and the “Solny” fair in Kołobrzeg. Manufacturing a wider range of fittings as part of the company’s cooperation with the Crafts Cooperative in Nakło on Noteć contributed to shaping the commercial offer profile of the future Akces.

The demand for wiring products that increased after the political transformations in 1989 resulted in the establishment of a separate enterprise which was to specialise in marketing service and trade in siphons and polypropylene fittings manufactured by “Kosplast.” In 1991, three modest gentlemen, Karol Kubit, Stanisław Guzek (the owner of Koschrom) and Henryk Kubalewski, joined the company with faith in success. Thus, they established the “Akces” partnership with its registered office in Nakło on Noteć in Rynek Street. At that time, the symbol of their common venture was a three-colour rainbow bridge. In its original form, the logo was used for over 12 years.

After the death of Henryk Kubalewski, the two partners, Karol Kubit and Stanisław Guzek, remained at the company, sharing their time between Akces and their passions – air and water, that is aviation and sailing.

The continuous development of the company and logistical limitations accelerated its transfer to the new current registered office in Młyńska Street in Nakło on Noteć. At that time, the company had at its disposal its own transport in the form of two delivery vans.




Targi ISH 2013, Frankfurt, 12.-16.3.2013




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